Meet the team: Emil Petrila, Breakfast Chef

It can be a busy place in the Sun Inn kitchen – preparing and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for our guests (and the staff too), as well as making sure the kitchen is spotless and in perfect working order.

Emil Petrila typically works the morning and daytime kitchen shift at the Sun Inn. This means his main responsibilities include making breakfast for residents, lunch service and also pastry preparation (if you’ve had a delicious Yorkshire pudding with your Sunday lunch, or a scrumptious dessert, it was probably prepared or made by Emil!)

Tell us a bit about yourself, Emil

I’ve worked at the Sun Inn since last summer, I previously worked at Gilpin Lodge Hotel. I have a son, who is 15-years-old.

What are your main responsibilities and what’s the best bit about your job?

My main responsibilities are making breakfast for the residents and keeping the staff happy by making a delicious staff lunch for all of them. I also do the pastry preparation. I start work early, so one of the best bits of my job is having the kitchen to myself in the morning.

What’s your favourite thing about the Sun Inn?

It has a great atmosphere. I think it’s a popular venue because it’s a traditional-style inn with loads of character. It’s really nice in the winter, as the fires keep it cosy and warm.

What’s your favourite food and drink choice off the menu?

My favourite drink is white wine and food is the chocolate delice.

Can you tell us a surprising fact about the Sun Inn?

A surprising fact is that there are only six people in the kitchen, including the pot wash.

A day in the life of Emil


My alarm goes at 6am and it’s coffee and toast for breakfast. When I get to work, I put the deliveries away and prep breakfast. Then I help with lunch service and do the staff lunches.


I leave at 3pm and sometimes pick my son up from school. In the evening I make dinner for the family and watch TV or do the house jobs before bed time at 11pm.